Nutural stress relief In the last 5 five years, some randomized clinical triaails have shown chiropractic care to be as effective as drugs such as Amitryptiline for chronic tension headaches. This is because many headaches arise from problems in the spine, especially the upper neck, where nerves that serve the head and face can easily be irritated by spinal misalignments and lack of proper joint motion. These conditionsis can cause pain in the head and face.
Over the years, various studies have also reported that chiropractic care is often effective for tension headaches, as well as migraines. In the one study, which divided the chronic headaches sufferers into two groups, one receiving chiropractic care and the other the prescription drug amitryptiline, both groups improved at similar rates in six weeks from their measured baseline of pain. In But of the medication managed group, however, 82% reported side effects including dry mouth, drowsiness and weight gain and, in several cases, the side effects were reported as severe. In contrast, of the naturally managed group, only 4.3 % reported any side effect , which was mainly neck stiffness after the first adjustment, which resolved during the second 2nd week of care. The dramatic difference in side effects between the two groups is convincing, but the dramatic advantage of the chiropractic group was revealed even further at the four week follow up. The chiropractic group continued to have a 42% reduction in pain from their baseline frequency, a 32 % reduction in headache intensity and, a 30% reduction in medication usage: andAdditionally, these positive results were a month after the last chiropractic adjustment. These Such adjustments can be gently performed with instruments and / or drop table.
The group managed with prescriptions either reverted back to their baseline values or slightly worsened in all outcome measures. This study illustrates that drugs for headaches often have negative side effects and no lasting value. There is also the risk of “rebound headache,” which is the return of the ,headache as the drug wears off, but it is often more severe than the original headache. In order to treat it with drugs, the patient needs more and more medication.
Instead of subjecting yourself to risky drug treatments for your symptoms, try chiropractic care. The new, modern gentle adjusting techniques can safely, effectively provide long term relief without theharmful side effects of over- the- counter or prescription drugs. Call for a complimentary telephone consultation for your aching head, neck or back.