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Functional Integrative Medicine in Crystal River, FL & The Villages, FL




Sources of Back & Neck Pain

Better Health Chiropractic provides chiropractic services in Crystal River, FL to relieve neck and back pain for clients. By utilizing modern laboratory testing for a wide variety of conditions including genetic testing for customized nutrition we are able to help heal blood-brain, lung and leaking gut conditions. Our excellence in this specialty is supported by our credentialing in Medical Laboratory technology as Dr. McFarland-Bryant is also a licensed Medical laboratory scientist and studied at the Miller School of Functional Medicine and at the University of Bridgeport via extension courses. Dr. Bodily has a Master of Medical Science at the Univ. of South Florida. We also specialize in natural techniques and we provide professional lab services.

Goals of Traction

Mechanical effects
  • Decrease intradiscal pressure
  • Widen intervertebral foramen
  • Stretch ligaments, muscles
  • Relax musculature
Physiological effects
  • Relieve nerve root compression
  • Possible disc retraction
  • Mobilize joint and muscle
  • Improve blood flow
  • Decrease pain

Traction Techniques Depend on System

Traction parameter set depends on
  • Type of injured tissue
  • What is Goal of treatment
    • Pain relief, spasm
    • Decompression or spine elongation
    • Stretch protocol
    • Increase circulation
    • Reduce inflammation
  • Acuity of lesion
  • Phase of Healing cycle